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Everyday Negotiation

Posted on: October 23rd, 2012 by rose

Everyday Negotiation a webinar with Robin Wood.

Your ability to successfully negotiate an agreement can strengthen relationships both personally and professionally, control labor and operating costs, and improve your performance and the performance of others. This program will offer you some basic skills and practical tips that will help you become a better negotiator at work and at home.

Robin S. Wood is President of Robinwood Consulting, LLC, Amherst, Ohio. Using her 20+ years of HR Management and 10+ years of Public Library Administration experience, Robin helps libraries succeed. Robin holds a MLIS from Kent State University, an MBA from Tiffin University, and she is a certified Professional in Human Resources.

This topic was presented as a live webinar at the 2012 ABOS Conference. The webinar was not recorded.

Presentation Powerpoint File PPTX: Everyday Negotiation Slides PPTX

Presentation Powerpoint File PPT: Everyday Negotiation Slides PPT

Presentation Powerpoint (PDF): Everyday Negotiation Slides

Presentation Handouts from the Slides (PDF): Everyday Negotiation Handouts

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