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Libraries Transform Communities

Posted on: October 23rd, 2012 by rose

Libraries Transform Communities a webinar with Rita Kadavy and Erin Kirchoefer.

The High Plains Library District service area spans over 4,000 square miles, and providing library services to our outlying communities is difficult. Find out how HPLD made creative use of our resources to bring technology access, library materials, and one-on-one computer help to communities through 11 unique library substations.

Rita Kadavy is the Outreach Manager for the High Plains Library District, Colorado. She manages Bookmobile, Lobby stops, Multicultural Services and Public Computer Centers.

Erin Kirchoefer is the Public Computer Center Supervisor for the High Plains Library District, Colorado. She oversees 11 public computer centers in rural northeast Colorado.

This session was presented as a live Webinar and was recorded.  Here is the link to the recorded webinar: http://www.screencast.com/t/8SGu1p3j

Direct Link to High Plains Files on google drive:  http://bit.ly/UoDd0X

PDF sheet for recorded webinars: LTC-Links-Handouts

Presentation Powerpoint Slides as PDF: Libraries Transform Communities PowerPoint Slides

Presenter Handouts (PDF): LTC-Handout

Sample Memorandum of Understanding:cLTC-Sample Memorandum of Understanding DOCX   LTC-Sample Memorandum of Understanding-DOC   LTC-Sample Memorandum of Understanding PDF

Post Visit Summary Spreadsheets: LTC-Sample-Post-Visit-Survey-XLXS  LTC-Sample-Post-Visit-Survey-XLS  PDF OF These Sheets

Roles and Responsibilities:  LTC-Sample Roles and Responsibilities XLXS   LTC-Sample-Roles Responsibilties-Site-Visit PDF   LTC-Sample Roles Overview PDF

Monthly Checklists Spreadsheet: Sample-Monthly-Site-Checklist-XLSX  Sample-Monthly-Site-Checklist-XLS  Sample-Monthly-Site-Checklist

Projected Success Spreadsheets: LTC-Projected Success XLSX  LTC-Projected Success-XLS  LTC-Projected Success-PDF

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