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Quick and Easy Early Literacy Techniques to Present on the Road

Posted on: October 23rd, 2012 by rose

Quick and Easy Early Literacy Techniques to Present on the Road with Sherry Huston.

Sherry will explain how the Outreach Services team at the Columbus Metropolitan Library has been sharing early literacy/ready to read skills with our customers of all ages during 2012. In as little as 5-10 minutes during a bookmobile preschool agency stop the team is able to engage children in simple activities to promote rhyming, storytelling, letter knowledge, etc. Sherry will provide attendees with a complete tool kit of patterns, etc. for implementing this service at their library.

Sherry Huston has been a children’s librarian since receiving her MLS from Indiana University in 1976. She has been working at the Columbus Metropolitan Library for 27 years and for the past 23 years has provided storytimes for children with special needs at agencies and schools throughout Franklin County, Ohio.

Ready to to Ready Presentation Handouts (PDF files)

ABC (3 pages): Ready_to_Read_ABC_Page1of3  Ready_to_Read_ABC_Page2of3  Ready_to_Read_ABC_Page3of3

Loving Books (2 pages): Ready_to_Read_Loving_Books_Page1of2  Ready_to_Read_Loving_Books_Page2of2

Sounds (2 pages): Ready_to_Read_Sounds_Page1of2  Ready_to_Read_Sounds_Page2of2

Storytelling (3 pages): Ready_to_Read_Storytelling_Page1of3  Ready_to_Read_Storytelling_Page2of3   Ready_to_Read_Storytelling_Page3of3

Using Books (1 page): Ready_to_Read_Using Books_Page1of1

Words (3 pages): Ready_to_Read_Words_Page1of3  Ready_to_Read_Words_Page2of3  Ready_to_Read_Words_Page3of3

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