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The Growing Readers Challenge

Posted on: October 23rd, 2012 by rose

The Growing Readers Challenge with Laura Kennett.

Learn how Richland County Public Library brings school readiness skills to child care centers and the families they serve through ten weeks’ worth of easy and fun challenges! Each week is a new topic with a new challenge. The program has shown to increase center and family readings, knowledge of songs and rhymes, and usage of the library.

Laura Kennett is the Outreach Librarian at Richland County Public Library, South Carolina. “Although, I love to tell people that I am a professional singer. I sing (okay, maybe chant out) songs and read books in schools, child care centers, parks, the health department, the mall, the hospital and basically anywhere there are children and their caregivers.”

Presentation Powerpoint File PPTX: Growing Readers Challenge PPTX

Presentation Powerpoint File PPT: Growing Readers Challenge PPT

Presentation Powerpoint (PDF): Growing Readers Challenge Slides

Presentation Handouts (PDF): Growing Readers Handouts

Teacher Counting Sheet: Teacher Sheet Counting

Ten Weeks of Challenges: 10 weeks of challenges

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