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    Rachel Scott

    Good morning,

    I’m curious if others use home service profiles to communicate between those working at home base and those out doing the deliveries? 

    We have been creating profiles that communicate information like name, address, phone number, route, emergency contact and special notes (i.e. has a big dog, be sure not to let him out or enter from side yard).

    I am looking at a way to streamline the process of keeping these profiles up to date.  While a database seems like a good bet, our IT department and I were wondering if some software already exists that tracks this kind of information and from which one can pull reports.  Does anyone have such a system in place?


    Rachel Scott

    Assistant Manager, Outreach Services

    Central Library, The Seattle Public Library



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    I’ve not thought about doing a patron profile like that one.  I’ve been so focused on what the patron likes as far as library materials to even think about the other factors such a dog etc.  However, I think it is a great idea.  We don’t have that many homebound patrons as of yet but I will start looking into a similar database for Shreve to use.  Thank you for idea.



    Hi Rachel,

    I just found this board, hence the late reply.  We use excel spreadsheets to maintain patron profile.  In the first column is the room/apt #, next is last name, first name, number/type of material requested (e.g. 5-6 large print books), interests (e.g. cozy mysteries, light fiction), phone number, and notes (“beware, dog).

    The spreadsheets work for us, but they’re not as portable as I’d like.  Ideally, we could update the profile on the spot as we’re out making visits, but instead we mark up the paper and then enter it in the file on our shared drive.

    For reference, we have hundreds of door-to-door patrons on 17 different “routes,” each with its own Excel workbook.  I’d love to hear other ideas!

    – Rachel (also:)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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