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    We are switching from door-to-door delivery to a library by mail format.  I’m looking for the staffing load of a library by mail program.  Particularly the following questions:
    1.  How many patrons are your service via mail service (by month or year)?
    2. How many staff members run the program?
    3. Do you use volunteers?
    4.  If you use volunteers do you also have a staff person dedicated to coordinating the program? 
    Thank you!



    Hi!  I just discovered this board.  I work in the Outreach department of a large system.  We do “door to door” for patrons in nursing homes and senior living facilities, and we do Books by Mail for home-bound individuals who don’t live in places we visit.  I would estimate there are 300 active BBM customers.  We have a dedicated staff member for BBM (probably about half of her time is spent on this, and half on her other duties), and she has a helper.  Individuals receive materials on a regular basis (usually every other week) or only when they call.  Individuals will also include requests in their return mailer.


    Hope this helps!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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